The violin is handmade from resonance wood. The spruce wood on the top, which comes from the Austrian Alps and Slovakia. The bottom plate, the neck of the instrument and the sides  made of annealed maple wood. Maple was harvested in former Yugoslavia, the present Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The fingerboard and overall assembly of the instrument is made of South America nor Indian ebony wood, where the pegs and stringers are decorated with Parisian eyelets.

The highest quality of French type Aubert Mirecourt bridge. For a high quality and clear sound we use Austrian Thomastik Dominant strings.

The instruments are lacquered  by hand with spirit varnish. For the violins are chosen different shades of high gloss. The instruments are characterized by tonal maturity and extremely careful workmanship.

Upon personal pick-up, the customer can choose the strings, the mounting of the instrument and the final tuning, according to his own choice.

The warranty period of the instruments is 20 years, but does not cover mechanical damage of the instrument.


  • Size: 4/4
  • Top plate: Spruce
  • Back plate: Flamed maple
  • Sides: Flamed maple
  • Neck: Flamed maple
  • Fingerboard: Ebony 
  • Pegs and Tailpiece: Ebony
  • Bridge: Aubert Mirecourt
  • Strings: Thomastik - Dominant
  • Painting: Spirit varnish
  • Surface finish: High shine
  • Model: Antonio Stradivari, mod. 1720
  • Warranty period: 20 years
  • Country of Origin: Luby u Chebu (Schönbach) - Czech Republic